Che-Yu Wu x White Castle

About Us

The Doodle Labs vision is to guide established artists, brands, and creators into the Web 3.0 space in an authentic manner. We are focused on delivering continuous value for our communities, builders and the overall decentralized economy.

Doodle Labs is an end-to-end solution, bringing artists and brands to the blockchain via custom NFT projects. As a Powered by Art Blocks platform, we are able to produce highly sophisticated, brand-right art through Art Blocks’ generative minting technology. Along with NFT development and technical facilitation, we provide marketing/social media guidance and utility infrastructure to support creators through drop day and beyond.

Our founding team has over 60+ years of experience building brands and bringing them to market. With an extensive network spanning across the top brands, artists, and retailers globally, they have proven experience creating value through branding and licensing. This background serves to further Doodle Labs' goal of bridging the gap between the Web 2.0 and 3.0 communities.

Our Team