Frequently asked questions

What are NFTs anyways?


NFT stands for non-fungible token. Basically, it’s a unique digital asset that you can buy, sell or trade. The nature of these tokens living on the blockchain allows guaranteed authenticity and provable ownership. Doodle Labs NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

What is Ethereum?


The Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized, open-source network that utilizes smart-contracts to allow users to interact with each other in a trustless environment. The Ethereum network is home to many various decentralized applications, including Doodle Labs. Ether (ETH) is the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain that is used in transactions and network fees.

Where can I purchase Ether (ETH)?


ETH can be purchased on many different cryptocurrency exchanges, some of which may be available or unavailable to you based on your location. The most common way of purchasing ETH is by using a fiat “on-ramp”, which is where you can convert your local currency into cryptocurrency (eg. USD to ETH). Below are a few common cryptocurrency exchanges, we recommend that you do your own research to choose the option best for you.

-Coinbase - Centralized fiat on-ramp exchange where you can buy & sell ETH along with many other cryptocurrencies

-Uniswap - Decentralized exchange where you can swap ERC-20 tokens for other tokens. (eg. USDC to ETH)

-Please visit the official Ethereum website for more information:

What is MetaMask? Why do I need one?


MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and a gateway into interacting with the blockchain. Each collector needs a MetaMask wallet to tap into the blockchain apps, such as the Doodle Labs website, in order to mint a piece of art or to view their collection. Please note that existing hardware wallets can be imported into MetaMask for use with Ledger or Trezor.

Are there fees to interact with the Ethereum blockchain?


Any transactions that occur on the Ethereum blockchain need to be executed and validated by a decentralized network of miners. To incentivize miners to accurately execute transactions, there is a gas fee. Gas refers to the amount of computational effort required to execute a specific transaction. Gas fees can range from a couple dollars to a couple hundred dollars based on the complexity of the transaction and network traffic.

How do I set my gas fees or gas limit?


When you go to purchase a Doodle Labs NFT, a MetaMask window will open up prompting you to confirm the transaction. Before clicking “confirm”, users can edit their gas fee by clicking on the “EDIT” button above the quoted gas fee.

My transaction is taking forever to succeed. Can I speed up the transaction?


You can speed up a transaction if you believe it is taking too long or if it appears that your transaction will not succeed before the collection sells out. To do this, open up MetaMask and click on the pending transaction. There will be an option to “speed up” the transaction, which will allow you to raise your gas price to allow a quicker transaction to replace the current one. Please note that this will likely increase the amount of ETH that you will pay in gas fees.

What happens if my transaction fails?


In the context of minting a piece of art on the Doodle Labs website, if your transaction fails this means that most likely the collection sold out before your transaction was able to be executed by the blockchain. You will lose a bit of ETH for a failed transaction, but it should be a relatively small amount. This also means that you will not receive an NFT and may have to search on the secondary market to purchase one.

How can I check the status of my transaction?


You can check all of your transactions on Etherscan. To get to your wallet’s Etherscan page, open up MetaMask and click on the 3 vertical dots next to your wallet address. Click on the option to “View on Etherscan”. Etherscan displays all of your incoming and outgoing transactions as well as any that are still pending.

Where is my NFT on OpenSea?


When you mint an NFT on the Doodle Labs website, it may take a couple minutes for the NFT to show up on your OpenSea wallet. To get to your OpenSea wallet, go here:

Are there any fees for selling my NFT?


There is a 10% fee for all secondary sales. 2.5% goes to OpenSea and 7.5% goes to Doodle Labs. The royalties that go to Doodle Labs are distributed to the artist behind the collection as well as the project team.

What is an ERC-20 token?


An ERC-20 token is a digital asset that can be bought, sold, or traded. Certain ERC-20 tokens are eligible to redeem for an NFT on the Doodle Labs website.

How do I see my ERC-20 tokens?


ERC-20 tokens need to be imported to be viewed in MetaMask. To view these tokens in MetaMask, scroll down to the bottom of your assets list and click “import tokens” and select "custom token". Paste the token address into the Token Contract Address box put the token symbol in the token symbol box. Decimal points should be 18.


Contract Token Address: 0xc5254ae71c9a712cc43d2c5493fb9d4ca5bae18c

Token Symbol: MOOK


Contract Token Address: 0x2dc594DE33275814Defd75C9Bee31E3AD34F3232

Token Symbol: SLIDER


Contract Token Address: 0xa1683da93628adc7f96b5f2405960edcccea5805

Token Symbol: AGENTS


Contract Token Address: 0x926aa2bbbe184637be0d151341c335948f83483e

Token Symbol: CIPH

How do I redeem my ERC-20 tokens?


In order to use an ERC-20 token, you must first approve its use with our minter. The approval step can be done at any time but does not transfer if a token is sent to another wallet. The number of tokens you approve is an allowance, not an incrementer. For example, if you start with 5 tokens and approve 2, and later approve 1, you will only have 1 approved (not 3).

Once the approval transaction is confirmed you will be able to mint with your approved tokens.